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January 13th, 2021

Simply Succulents

by R.S. Walsh

Succulents are the plant to have in your home, garden and to share as gift favors for any event! Recently succulents have become a popular choice as wedding favors. Creating centerpieces or even putting them on a wreath on your front door are other trending decorating options using succulents.

Succulents offer a variety of color, texture and dynamics. The combinations you can create with them are endless. When choosing succulents for indoor purposes make sure you choose varieties that prefer shade or low light to increase the longevity of your succulents. Succulents that have bright colors generally don’t do well indoors. They prefer direct sunlight to thrive and grow. Even succulents in your home should be put in a window or in a bright area.

Containers for succulents should ideally have a drain at the bottom to allow for soaking and drying the root systems. These plants do need good airflow to maintain healthy roots and leaves. Terra cotta and glazed ceramics are great options for an arrangement of succulents indoor or outdoor. These plants need very little water and prefer to dry out between waterings. A small watering once a week should be sufficient.

The most important part of creating a succulent arrangement is to have fun! Arrange something with spikes, blooms, layers and colors in a multitude of containers and bowls. Be creative. Whether you plant them in groups or in small single containers and group those together, the simplicity of this plant combined with being easy to care for, makes it a great planting project for anyone.

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