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December 8th, 2021

Bridal Bouquet Plumeria is Perfect for Our Coastal Climate

by R.S. Walsh

Bridal Bouquet Plumeria ‘Plumeria Pudica’ is a beautiful, evergreen version of Plumeria and perfect for our coastal climate.  This form of Plumeria blooms all year round and has beautiful dark green leaves with a fiddle or spoon shape to them. It earns its nickname ‘Bridal Bouquet’ from the clusters of bright white flowers each with a yellow center.  The blooms are about 3 inches wide and are not fragrant.  While this Plumeria is different from the typical Plumeria or Frangipani we are used to, it has some great attributes of its own.

The fact that it keeps its leaves all year round as well as its flowers makes this Plumeria a favorite for winter and spring visitors, which is usually the time the regular Plumerias are deciduous.  The Bridal Bouquet Plumeria likes lots of sunlight and well-draining soil.  It will tolerate some salty and windy conditions but does not like the cold.  Planting this beauty on the islands really is the best location for this plant.

Bridal Bouquets usually have 2-3 main trunks and grow upright in more of a tree shape.  They may reach a height of 8-12 feet.  They do well in a small yard and can be planted in a pot with a lighter, well-draining soil.    If you can give this Bridal Bouquet Plumeria a small space in your yard you will enjoy the continuous blooms all year round.

This plant column is provided by In The Garden, Sanibel’s retail garden center located at 3889 Sanibel Captiva Road.

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