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April 28th, 2021

Yucca Rostrata Makes A Striking Focal Point in Your Garden

by R.S. Walsh

Yucca Rostrata, sometimes known as Beaked Yucca, is one of the most interesting varieties in the Yucca family of Cactus-Succulents. This is a very ornamental, slow-growing evergreen Yucca in tree form. The long pale bluish-green leaves grow in a perfectly symmetrical round shape, are not as rigid as most Yucca, but they do have a sharp end to them. The trunk is covered with soft gray fibers that also create interest in this specimen.

The flowers of Yucca Rostrata appear above the foliage on yellow-orange colored flower stalks that rise above the leaves. The flowers appear in clusters, typically in late spring. The lovely Yucca rostrata flowers are white in color and odorless. The inflorescences grow up to 15″ inches long.

The Yucca Rostrata would make a striking focal point in any succulent, Mediterranean, or xeriscape garden. It has a very modern look to it, blending with the more modern architecture that is so popular now. This plant is very drought tolerant, as well as heat and frost tolerant. Its height can be from 6’ to 15’ depending on the climate. This Yucca likes well-drained soil and full sun and is actually a native to Southwestern Texas and New Mexico.

Invite this wonderful and unique Yucca into your garden. Its easy care and interesting look make it a worthwhile addition.

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