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April 20th, 2018

TripAdvisor Five Star Review

by R.S. Walsh

We appreciate when our customers take the time to review our garden center. Thank you ‘Stevelman’ for this five star rating via TripAdvisor:

“A botanical garden, a sightseeing location and practical source for anyone interested in growing things.

The reputation of the owners, Mr and Mrs. Walsh of R.S. Walsh Landscaping is impeccable. And I have lived on Sanibel for more than 30 years. But nothing prepared me for the experience when I made the impromptu turn into their botanical garden-workshop-retail source opposite the Sanibel Elementary School..

My second trip to Walsh’s was arranged by appointment, Could I get help and instruction in dividing a valued orchid that had outgrown its basket? And so I brought my little treasure to Jake Tomlinson, who gave us a great welcome and his attention and expertise. My husband and I and everyone who passed us in this tool-shop-workroom was amazed at Jake’s incredible patience, and his skill. Jake saved every living root and repotted my single orchid into 4 baskets….all healthy and comfortable in their new surroundings. His expertise is awesome, his patience is remarkable, and all in all a terrific fellow. Soooo… go to R.S. Walsh, on Sanibel-Captiva Road, just to look around and find yourself making wishes, as I did.”

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