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R.S. Walsh


R.S. Walsh

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This Florida Colonial residence is located on scenic Captiva Drive, overlooking the vast blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the burrowing gopher tortoises along the dunes.

The entry to this seaside estate is flanked by large curving coconut palms leading you into the property and blissfully guiding you into a tropical oasis. With the use of native and tropical species alike, this property was carefully designed to create a variety of outdoor spaces for the user to enjoy. Meandering paths create corridors for gardens to come to life, including a dry river bed made of smooth multi-colored stones which transforms into a rainwater garden for vegetation in the rainy months along with a lush blooming butterfly garden attracting butterflies of all colors and varieties.

As you travel along the gardens you will find bright, hot pink swaths of bougainvillea and dense jasmine vines wrapping the gazebo inviting any passerby to stop and enjoy their sweet scent. On your way to the poolside, you will find a citrus and fruit grove tucked away from the salt spray with varieties ranging from Myers Lemon and Persian Lime to Starfruit.

Along the elevated poolside there is an abundant array of inviting spaces including a circular fire pit seating area, a pergola with chaise lounges and a hammock below two dense coconuts where you can relax and enjoy the organic-shaped pool and landscape alike. The poolside vegetation undulates around the deck to offer a rhythmic flow of water, vegetation and hardscape. Anyone using this space will know the true meaning of creating a tropical oasis and a lovely outdoor living space in their own backyard.

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