Month: May 2017

Christine Matthews

R.S. Walsh Landscaping Announces Winner of April Photo Contest

The winner of R.S. Walsh Landscaping’s April photo contest is Christine Matthews.  The theme of the April contest was “On The Beach.” Submitted photos were posted on R.S. Walsh’s In The Garden Facebook page and at the company’s Sanibel garden center.  Visitors to the Facebook page and the garden center were able to vote on […]

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Bahama cassia: Butterfly attractor

Bahama Cassia (Cassia chapmanii) also known as (Cassia Bahamanesis) is an excellent choice for a South Florida butterfly garden. With delicate green leaves and pretty buttercup yellow flowers it attracts many of the Florida sulfur butterfly species as both a nectar source, as well as an important larvae food source. This plant could also be […]

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Prickly pear cactus: Tortoise candy

The prickly pear cactus (Opuntia spp.) is from the cactaceae family and is native to Florida and the deserts of the American Southwest. Although they look like they only belong in the deserts, there is a variety that loves the sandy shores of our island beaches. They are highly drought tolerant of course, but also […]

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Sweet almond verbena: Smells so sweet

Only a small number of plants provide the long-blooming season of Aloysia virgata (sweet almond). The sweet almond verbena is part of the verbenaceae family, it is also known as the incense bush. Given full sun, they bloom virtually year-round in Southwest Florida and provide a delightful fragrance that is sure to be a desired […]

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